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Customer Testimonials!

"My vigor was restored after five years, when a medical doctor who specializes in preventive medicine introduced me to Body Balance. My belief in the wonderful benefits of this product, and my personal experience, have inspired me to introduce Body Balance to other doctors and health care professionals, who share my belief in the importance of nutrition and detoxification to an individual's optimum health."
Lenore Laudenslager, San Diego, CA


"I have been taking Body Balance for 16 months now, and it has made a dramatic difference in my health. Although I watched my diet and followed the doctors recommendations, in June I was introduced to Body Balance by a friend. I have more energy, sleep better, and have an overall increased sense of well-being. This is why I am happy and confident to recommend Body Balance to anyone and everyone I meet."
John Weldy,Jacksonville, FL


"My husband, Roy, is 91 years old! For the last two years he has been going downhill. I noticed subtle changes in his facial appearance, his hands were rough to the touch and he was tired and sleepy all the time.

For one month Roy took 1.5 ounces of Body Balance every morning after breakfast. I am happy to report that Roy's health has dramatically improved since he started taking Body Balance. He now regularly stays up until 11:00 pm, and has started walking more. Roy's face is so smooth and alive looking now and his hands feel like silk and the circulation has improved."
Dorothy Rae Fischel, Lafayette, IN


"I have found Body Balance to be the best product on the market today. Body Balance gives me that extra boost to make it through the day. I feel calm, yet energized."
Crystal Benton, Clinton, MD


"I have been using natural products and supplements for many years. It wasn't until I was introduced to Life Force Body Balance that I noticed many changes taking place. My energy level increased dramatically, my skin now has a healthy appearance and many have told me that I look younger."
Dea Macavoy, Ukiah, OR



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Whole Foods
for Best Workouts

Pill Free Supplements offers Body Balance, a whole food liquid nutritional supplement formulated to enhance peak energy levels in anthletes in a variety of sports.

Excerpts from Barbara Russi Sarnataro recent article on WebMD.

Original article was reviewed By Michael Smith, MD

Neither Sarnatoro nor Smith reviewed our added comments (red colored text).

It's not an uncommon site. Runners at the starting line of a race guzzling down the last few drops of Ultra Fuel, unwrapping a PowerBar or carefully storing small packets of Goo energy gel in the micro pockets of their running shorts.
Novice racers and runners are looking around thinking, "This is what I should be doing. This is how I will sustain my energy and run a better race."

But is it?

According to Lisa Cooper, registered dietitian who has worked with many athletes, food is more than something that quells hunger; it is fuel composed of nutrients essential for maintaining optimal health and top performance during an endurance event like a race.

So if bars, drinks, and gels claim to give you that, should they replace whole foods when it comes to performance?

"Whole foods have other substances in them that benefit the body," says Cooper, "I would choose a whole food."

Industry experts tend to agree.

Body Balance is a whole food nutrtitional supplement.

The goal for everyone, athletes and non-athletes alike, should be to get a balanced diet, says nutritionist Philip Goglia, co-founder of Performance Fitness Concepts, a nutrition and wellness consulting company in Los Angeles. A diet rich in a healthy combination fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, and fish or chicken would be enough to get someone through a race or a day at work.

"Supplements are just that," says Jeff Stout, exercise physiologist and co-author of five books on sports nutrition.

"I always prefer that the majority of the calories come from [whole] food," says Stout, a fellow at the American College of Sports Medicine. "The body is made that way. Supplements supplement the diet when foods don't do enough."

Body Balance provides a whole food balanced nutritional supplement.

To get energy from whole foods, it is important to be educated about what we eat and when.

Before a run, then, says Goglia, "have a piece of fruit and peanut butter or oatmeal. Eat whole foods and let your body digest them. That's what it wants to do.

If you're a body builder, or a training athlete, says Goglia, and you're using a supplement as an aid to your balanced diet for convenience, that's OK, he says.

Besides replacing depleted carbohydrates or balancing the diet with a vitamin and mineral fortified bar, a sports drink or gel might be a good choice when an athlete cannot digest whole foods, says Cooper, right before or during performance.

Not all carbohydrates are created equal, however. Some enter the bloodstream more quickly than others and they are considered to have a high glycemic index. Baked potatoes and raisins are examples. These are best eaten right before, during or right after exercise, whereas moderate (orange juice or a sweet potato) and low (apple or pear) glycemic index carbohydrates enter the bloodstream more slowly and are best consumed in the hours before a workout.

Stout advises athletes in training to start eating whole foods four hours before an event, building their carbohydrate stores for performance. He suggests building into the high glycemic index carbs with different choices of whole foods depending on how much time you have before a race.

Body Balance is a LIQUID supplement which is 98% absorbed into your system.

Immediately post race, he says, a sports supplement drink is a good way to replenish what was depleted because the body absorbs it quickly.
For elite athletes, who depend on the timing of food intake for performance, energy bars and sports drinks are convenient. They provide a handy source of fuel for someone burning more than they can keep up with.

That doesn't mean because you did 25 minutes on the treadmill before work, you need to replenish your body's fuel with an energy bar. Some of these convenience foods are also packed with calories.

"You need to look at the calorie and the fat content," warns Cooper. "Some of these bars can have as much as a candy bar. Find one with nutritional value, low in saturated fat."

Published April 7, 2003.

SOURCES: Lisa Cooper, registered dietitian. Philip Goglia, co-founder, Performance Fitness Concepts. Jeff Stout, exercise physiologist; fellow, American College of Sports Medicine

Why Body Balance?

Body Balance contains 121 essential nutrients that work at the cellular level. As your cells duplicate, they typically degenerate rather than regenerate. Body Balance promotes healthy regeneration. It also helps balance your body’s electrical impulses so you feel like all your circuits are plugged in!

This easy-to-swallow drink provides a broad-spectrum of liquid nutritional supplements and antioxidants. One drink and you're done! You get all your vitamins and much more.

Body Balance
provides your body with virtually every vitamin, macro-mineral, micro-mineral, ultra trace minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and enzymes needed for your optimal health.

Together, with Aloe Vera, black cherry, honey and an exclusive blend of 9 sea vegetables, you get over 121 vital essential nutrients per ounce: 

74 minerals
23 vitamins
  3 essential fatty acids
21 amino acids
  7 enzymes and nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen

Body Balance even provides you with dietary fiber.

Because Body Balance a liquid supplement, it is absorbed within a matter of minutes.

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