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Body Balance
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Colon Cleanse
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Here are the 16 most



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We get a lot of questions regarding general wellness programs, our products and the services we offer. Here are the top 16 Frequently Asked Questions here at Pill Free Supplements - your source for Liquid Nutritional Supplements.

1) Do any of the products address any specific medical condition such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc.?

2) Do any of the products pose problems for a person taking any medications?

3) What is the recommended way to use Life Force's products?

4) What are "natural source nutrients" and why are they better?

5) What forms do minerals exist in Nature, and what role do they play in human health?

6) What about the minerals in Body Balance?

7) What about the potentially harmful metals such as arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, and lead that are in Body Balance?

8) What are the sources of minerals that are used in Body Balance?

9) What is the source of calcium used in OsteoProCare?

10) What is meant by "loading dose?"

11) What do you recommend as a "beginning program" for better health?

12) What is the best way to use the Trim Wise Health Solution?

13) What are some of the uses for Sunset?

14) What are some of the uses for Sunbright?

15) I'm allergic to __(fill in the blank)__ that is in the __(fill in the blank)__ product. Can I still take it?

16) Why don't the labels on Body Balance, and other "whole food" formulas, itemize specific amounts of certain specific nutrients?


Some final questions on ordering and customer service...


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Regular Price, AutoShip Price, Product Paks, 1 quart, 4 quarts how do I figure it all out?

We have broken down ordering into 3 categories to make ordering as easy as possible.

Category 1: Product Paks - Our most popular products grouped together and then discounted. These were designed to give you the most value for your dollar.

Category 2: Individual Products - Do you know exactly what you want and how much? Go to these pages for single products in all available sizes.

Body Balance
Colon Cleanse

Category 3: The Big List - This is a combination of the above two categories. Be prepared, this list is long. The big list list was designed to catch everything so you do not have to bounce around the site from product to product. Great for selecting some items on AutoShip and some for one time order.



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